About Us


The Merri Merri grove lies within Melbourneís Green Wedge in the foothills of the Great Divide at Woodstock, just 36 km north of Melbourne.  Our family has been farming the property for over 100 years.  Conservation and environmental management have been foremost in the agricultural enterprises of the property during this time. 

 On our property lie some of the most important examples of local biodiversity in the region, recognised during the Merriang Local Area Project.  These we have set aside, fencing the areas to exclude stock.  Additionally, we have also excluded stock from access to the Merri Creek which forms our western boundary and from a large and significant area of area of native  grassland.

 Our grove was planted in 2000 with the Italian cultivars of Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino.  Since then additional plantings have also included the French Picholene and the Greek oil Kalamata, and we now have over 3000 trees.  Unlike most groves, our trees are planted on the contour as part of our environmental management aimed at preventing any possible land degradation through erosion on our undulating hills.

 Our first crop was produced in 2003.  We installed our own olive press in 2006 to give us total control over the whole production process and therefore the quality of our Merri Merri Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



 Code of Practice

 In 2008 the Merri Merri Olive Estate was  proud to be among the first signatories to the Australian Olive Associationís Code of Practice, a quality control system started in 2008 to guarantee the high quality of Australian Extra Virgin olive oils.